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United Global Services Corp. (UGS)

United Global Services Corp. (UGS) is a premier service-oriented transportation company with a long-standing specialization in the transportation industry. UGS provides a full scope of logistics management, NVOCC, distribution, warehousing, trucking and cargo consolidation throughout the globe. Being a major player in the freight forwarding and logistics industry. We strive to differentiate ourselves from our competitors by being better is every aspects. We have set our professional expectations at a high level. By doing so, we have been able to continuously expand our company goals and broadened our customer base.

In a world of increasingly demanding markets and global complexity, our goal is to make our customer's logistics network a competitive advantage. To achieve this goal, UGS has focused its investment and core competencies into these distinct areas: Information technology, reliable service-oriented freight forwarding services and logistics management and consulting.

The UGS investment in information technology has paved the way for the development of an information network which transcends simple freight tracking applications to a system that allows visibility throughout the entire logistics process. Our goal is to actively shape the future through innovation, efficiency and customized logistics solutions. We seek to achieve speed, endurance and to overcome vast distances as a result of thorough preparations, unbroken communication and above all, loyalty to our customers.

We believe the best way to meet your needs is to work with you as a partner in your business. As a company providing outsourcing services, we know the only way to be successful is to make our clients successful. To that end, we work closely with you to find solutions to your business challenges.

We are always investigating the latest, proven technologies and looking for ways to move the benchmark and improve our internal processes and our clients' operation. We are vigilant about reducing costs, and we make quality control a daily activity. At UGS, continuous improvement and client satisfaction is a top priority.

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